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Thanks For Your Support!


        We are Phoebe and Maisie Hurwitz and we have been working to raise money for an all-girls school, The Pine Ridge School for Girls, on a Native American reservation called the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Unfortunately, the reservation faces poverty, disease, lack of education, and unemployment; the teen suicide rate is 150% higher than the national average and the school dropout rate is at 70%. The girl’s school, which was created by the founders of The Archer school For Girls in Los Angeles, aims to “empower the young women of Pine Ridge by fostering self-respect, a love of learning, and leadership qualities to help them serve and shape their world”. This amazing opportunity serves as a safe place for the young girls of the Pine Ridge Reservation to not only think critically and gain an education, but also allows them to break the trends of their culture in which 2% of students are prepared for college.


        However, the school is privately-funded and will not be able to reach their goal of changing the way the girls on the reservation are taught without the money to fuel the school. To raise money, we have collected clothes from all over Los Angeles and are reselling them on on this site and Depop under the username @gether2school. Every piece of clothing you buy goes towards helping these girls get to school and stay in school to create bright futures. If you like our site, spread the word, and you will eventually help GET HER 2 SCHOOL!!

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